Trademark Giorgio Piotto – L’Officina is the author reading the factory-style modernariato. Products L’Officina has all the features inherent to the factory Piotta – solid wood furniture, has unlimited range of possibilities and offers his own interpretation of contemporary style furniture reading 50-60 ies adapted to the realities of today. L’Officina – the result of an innovative idea: to keep alive tradition and quality of manual labor to create high-design product. The name speaks for itself, L’Officina – is a workshop in which the owner of the factory was able to Giorgio Piotto the most unique way to combine tradition, history, memories, purity and simplicity of the lines of modern design. It is this mix is the magical “recipe” of the author’s furniture. Two young and talented designers and Marzia Fortuzzi Leonardo Dainelli created in 2007. Studio reversion in Tuscany. At this point in their track record a lot of completed projects for well-known Italian and European furniture manufacturers premium. The original design of L’officina was the result of an extraordinary thought of these two architects. The style of this collection is not possible to limit the concepts of “classic” or “modern», L’Officina with her usual elegance transforms historical trends in its own unique style: a unique, round, elegant and constantly evolving. The production uses only natural wood precious and rare breed – Noce Canaletto. Due to the heterogeneity and the unique pattern of wood create an unforgettable charm and exclusivity invoice furniture. L’officina furniture gives an elegant, easily recognisable style to any interior.