Giorgio Piotto

The famous Venetian glass house Gabbiani founded relatively recently. He was not more than 40 years, although the roots of the family go Gabbiani in the Middle Ages, and the magnificent Palazzo Bragadin, which houses the showroom of the factory, located near Venice, well known since the 15th century by glass with their traditions. This Gabbiani one of the few manufacturers of traditional glass products, whose factory is still located on the island of Murano, which once again underlines the authenticity of the products. As one of the most prestigious brands of Venetian glass (Murano, or as many call it), Gabbiani creates a thin, easily recognisable Neo-classical style, where there is not a single superfluous detail, and the proportion of subjects refer us to the sculptural forms of the great masters of the Renaissance. Each piece is inspired by the work of the factory of one of the most interesting authors of the Venetian, the chief artist of the factory – Marina Ravanyan Gabbiani. … Millennium took to Murano secret doctrine of the properties of shape and colour of glass reached the summit of art. Crafts tradition, which is based exclusively manual labor, jealously preserved and transmitted directly from the “maestro” to the student. The ancient “recipe books” glass composition are still the source of our creativity.