The company Giorgio Piotto, founded in the middle of the last century, is one of the recognised leaders of the classic Italian design. Founder and CEO – Giorgio Piotto, from childhood growing up in an atmosphere of artistic perception of the tree and its products in a family craft workshop. With experience, he transformed a small workshop to a big company with a modern style of work, at the same time extremely attentive to the historical roots growing into the culture and traditions of the region of Bassano del Grappa, giving special meaning and beauty of the craft cabinetry. At Renaissance masters Giorgio Piotta learned to combine creative vision and the ability to skilful realisation conceived. Find beauty in true form – this is the basis by which success came to the company Giorgio Piotto, for more than fifty years of producing highly artistic furniture. The style of Giorgio Piotto – refinement and refinement in the choice of colours and proportions. When you create a piece of furniture “antique” founder aims to achieve the highest quality, while keeping intact the historic originals, by increasing knowledge of the evolution of furniture styles. When processing wood the company Giorgio Piotto adheres old Italian tradition. In the manufacture of furniture using the best wood: European cherry, oak and walnut national, as well as rare precious breeds of Africa and South America. The suppliers of fabrics for upholstered furniture is the world’s leading manufacturers of premium. At the moment, we created many classic furniture collections, each of which reflects a certain era of Italian art and deserves special attention: A special place in the activities of companies engaged in manufacturing of interior “turnkey”. Architects of the object go to any country in the world, study it, make the necessary measurements to avoid any mistakes in the manufacture of furniture for the project. Then transfer all the background information of the designers, who in turn, given the wishes of the customer make a proposal for the interior space. Today, the company realized a huge number of turnkey high degree of difficulty in Europe, the Middle East and the CIS countries. Among the customers of the company’s well-known media persons, politicians and business representatives. Produced furniture satisfies the tastes of customers who have a pronounced classical aesthetic taste, choosing furniture that will serve for many generations.