Luigi Bevilacqua

Factory Luigi Bevilacqua is located in the center of Venice on the Grand Canal since 1700 and today is one of the oldest (Bevilacqua factory owned by the family since it was founded) and perhaps the most prestigious fabric manufacturers in the world. First otrez Venetian velvet Luigi Bevilacqua was produced in 1735. And although today there is no strict regulations, as it was in the days of the Venetian Republic, the master Luigi Bevilacqua preserved the traditions and work only on hand looms and warping machines of the eighteenth century, belonging to the School of silk Venetian Republic before the introduction of the Jacquard machine (around 1804) and create expensive materials based on designs from the archive, which contains more than 3,500 exclusive historical figures are the property of Bevilacqua. Skilled craftsmen hand transformed to prestigious luxury yarns silk, velvet, brocade, which are intended for the royal palaces, residences and theaters around the world. World famous designers ‘haute couture’ and decorators enjoy visiting this unique production, drawing inspiration for their projects. Being in the search for new solutions, Luigi Bevilacqua has created the world’s only collection of hand-made fabrics in the style of Art Deco. When you see the fabric from a distance “Metropolis” it sounds as if this picture of 1930, but in reality is a 3D embossed velvet. A collection of “Mir” recalls drawing rainforest by Hunt Slonem. These outline easily recognisable “Sequenza di Tucani”, which accurately reflects the Art Deco style. In collaboration with the Swedish architect Ragnar Ostberg in Stockholm created a new exclusive design of “Dream of the East”. Among the prestigious interior in tissues Luigi Bevilacqua enough to call the White House in Washington, reception halls at the Vatican the Royal Palace in Sweden and Belgium, private apartments Madonna, all textile design famous Dolce & Gabbana yacht.